Pari Jhal – Bibi Naani Bolan Balochistan Pakistan

The Replica of Moola Chotok of Khuzdar Balochistan

The Canyon of “Pari Jhal” (پری جل), Bolan, Balochistan

Pari Jal is about 15 km Away From Bibi Nani Bolan, Dhaddar, Kachhi District, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is located at 29.674603, 67.286251.

It is an amazing place with beautiful natural sceneries, amazing waterfalls, and undulating water. It is also known as Mini Moola Chotok of Khuzdar Balochistan (which is an awesome place with similar beauty).

Follow the link if you want to watch videos of Chotok Moola Khuzdar Balochistan.

While walking in the streams of Pari Jhal, you will feel the water is cool while sometimes it is warm.

Pari Jhal is located in the west of BiBi Nani. Bibi Nani is an area in the road between the towns of Quetta and Sibi, in Balochistan, Pakistan, and is located at 29°41’60N 67°22’60E.

The area name is most probably derived from a Sufi figure that was buried in its suburbs and is also the location of a Hindu shrine.

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